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Головна - Світ про Україну - Will the United States and Turkey stand up for Ukraine in the event of war with Russia? – Eugene Magda answers

Russia’s current war against Ukraine, its victims and, in particular, the fighting in Donbass, which has not subsided since 2014, and the possible expansion of the Russian invasion are discussed in an interview with Yevhen Magda, a Ukrainian political scientist and director of the Ukrainian Institute of World Politics. Azerbaijani site vzglyad.az/news/. In response to questions from journalist Semir Veliyev, it is about a hybrid war, about Russia’s attempts to level Ukraine’s independence in the international arena as much as possible, using elements of blackmail and pressure. “It should be understood that a hybrid war is not only a combat operation, but also an economic, informational component,” Magda explains, pointing out that the real plans are known only to Putin and his generals. They are looking for excuses for war (casus belli), inflating tensions in the information space (statements about the forthcoming attack of the Armed Forces, which are heard in Russia at the highest level) and resorting to economic measures to weaken Ukraine. And Russia is also behind the crisis with migrants on the Belarusian-Polish border, E. Magda notes.
– In case of aggression by Russia against Ukraine, NATO will not declare war on it, – the Ukrainian political scientist states, answering questions of the Azerbaijani journalist. – Ukraine will defend itself on its own. The West can help supply high-precision weapons, diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions against Russia. This is a realistic scenario.