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Головна - Економіка - US government confirms waiver of sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The German newspaper Spiegel, as well as numerous other European media, reported news from Washington regarding the change in the attitude of the US government to the controversial Nord Stream-2 Baltic Sea pipeline. In particular, in an article dated May 20, this year Spiegel reported, citing Reuters, that the US government had officially waived sanctions against companies building a controversial pipeline in the Baltic Sea and against German executives. In an official government report on this subject to the US Congress on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the waiver of sanctions “is in the national interest of the United States.”
A statement from the AFP news agency said that Nord Stream 2 and its managing director, Matthias Warnig, had taken part in measures contrary to the US sanctions law. However, the application of sanctions would have “negative consequences” for relations between the United States and Germany, the European Union and other European allies.
However, according to the report, sanctions should be imposed on Russian shipbuilders. The United States has also imposed sanctions on four Russian institutions involved in the project.

“A step towards us”
The American media already reported on Tuesday about the decision to sanction the administration of US President Joe Biden. German Federal Foreign Secretary Heiko Maas (SPD) later said that the federal government saw the US government’s decision “as a step towards us.”
Maas pointed out that the US State Department will make another report to Congress in three months on the situation around the Nord Stream-2 project. “We now have three more months to talk to those in charge in Washington about how to proceed,” Maas said. In his opinion, the project is the only one where there are fundamental differences between Berlin and Washington.
Washington is strongly opposed to the 1,200-kilometer Baltic Sea pipeline, which aims to significantly increase the potential for Russian natural gas supplies to Germany. Like his predecessor, Donald Trump, Biden argues that Germany and Europe will become increasingly dependent on Russia and will harm Ukraine, a natural gas transit country, according to a report by AFP.