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Головна - Світова геополітика - Russia annexed a territory the size of Europe

Kazakhstan is a huge country, incredibly rich in oil, natural gas, uranium and other minerals, writes analyst Luboš Palata in his article. Today it is the richest part of the former Soviet Union after Russia. President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has ruled Kazakhstan since 1984, believed that after 1991 he would be able to maintain Kazakhstan’s independence without Western help. Maintaining friendly relations with Russia, he established a relatively mild dictatorship at home by Central Asian standards, and by 2019 he held the helm of power firmly in his hands. Unlike Azerbaijan and the Aliyev family, he did not establish a hereditary dictatorship and decided not to rule until his death. However, his successor, Jomart Tokayev, decided to protect Nazarbayev from protests. The Nazarbayev clan, which enjoys not only a cult of personality but also vast wealth, was a thorn in the side of many poor Kazakhs. But the catastrophe for Kazakhstan and its independence was that Tokayev invited Russian troops to help. In a few days, Kazakhstan ceased to be an independent state and became part of the former Soviet Union again. Russia has “de facto” increased by two-thirds the size of Europe. Many Kazakhs perceived the Russian intervention as an occupation on August 21, 1968. Brezhnev’s doctrine – the basis of Soviet power over its neighbors – came to life in a new version. Putin’s doctrine gives each of Russia’s post-Soviet neighbors only limited sovereignty.