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Головна - Світова геополітика - German security forces are preparing for the consequences of the escalation and assess the situation as a “state of high tension”

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, given the growing tensions in the conflict around Ukraine, warned of a new influx of refugees to Europe. In the event of an escalation, the European Union is preparing for an influx of tens of thousands of refugees. Training is also provided by EU humanitarian organizations.
German Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SDP) said that German institutions and authorities were preparing for “any scenario”. These include both protection against cyber attacks and possible flows of refugees to Germany and neighboring countries.
In an interview with the German media group Funke, Minister Fezer said that “the situation is very tense.” Given this, “we are preparing for any scenario and are very attentive. In particular, it concerns the protection of infrastructure in Germany, the fight against cyber attacks and protection against possible flows of refugees to our neighboring countries. ”
The pages of Funke-Blätter quoted unnamed “security circles” as saying that “if there is a Russian invasion, migration movements cannot be ruled out, first within Ukraine, but also to neighboring countries.” However, according to the publication, there are currently no signs that migration movements towards Germany have intensified.
Federal Interior Minister Fezer stressed that “we are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and are closely cooperating and exchanging information with the German Federal Government, the Länder, the European Commission and other EU member states.”
According to Stephan Thomae, an expert on domestic policy from the Free Democratic Party of Germany, in the event of a war in Ukraine, Germany will be forced to “accept, perhaps, six figures.” At the same time, the leader of the parliamentary faction of the FDP party in the Bundestag, Tomae, told the Welt broadcaster that this is possible because there are fewer people coming to Germany from the Middle East or Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Tomae stressed, the reception of refugees, in the event of war in Ukraine, Germany “should not decide alone, other EU countries should also participate in this process.”
Recently, fears have risen again that Russia could attack Ukraine by force of arms. US President Joe Biden said on Friday, February 18, that he expects Russia’s attack on the neighboring country “in the coming days.” Biden said he was “confident” that Russian leader Vladimir Putin had “already decided” to attack Ukraine.