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Головна - Світова геополітика - Difficult relations between Poland and China

Traditionally good Polish-Chinese relations should have been strengthened when China launched the One Belt, One Road initiative, Krzysztof Winkler wrote in his analytical paper on defence24.pl, backing up his findings with concrete indicators of cooperation between the two countries. But in practice, these relations have cooled due to the lack of tangible consequences of this initiative and the strengthening of Polish-American cooperation during the Donald Trump administration. Nevertheless, according to the author of the article, both countries still have common economic interests, for example in the field of land transport, especially rail, which increased during the pandemic as a significant complement to maritime transport from Asia to Europe.
Thus, Polish-Chinese relations are the result of a bill in which the interests of both countries coincide, the author of the letter believes. The economic level is the most obvious area where cooperation can develop. Poland’s advantageous geographical location and its potential become an advantage in shaping relations with China. It is also possible to finance projects in Poland with Chinese capital. However, this is a very difficult task that may be under pressure from the United States to limit this form of cooperation, as credit and investment are seen in Washington as one of Beijing’s main ways of influencing.