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Головна - Світова геополітика - Change of leadership in the CDU party at the federal and land levels

The candidate for the post of Federal Chancellor of Germany Armin Lachet, who lost the election, will be replaced in the Bundestag. On Wednesday, October 27, this year a new leader, Hendrik Wüst, will be elected chairman of the CDU of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is noteworthy that some former foreign politicians met with the now former candidate for the post of German Chancellor, who was personally promoted by Angela Merkel, during the election campaign, hoping that he would win the election. But Lachet lost the election along with his party, despite the support and administrative resources of the ruling coalition. Errors in the calculations and expectations of foreign visitors occurred due to incompleteness of the foreign ministries of such countries and their analytical structures.

On the morning of October 25, this year CDU leader at the federal level Armin Laschet has fired the prime minister of the Federal State of Germany North Rhine-Westphalia. According to an unnamed representative of the German federal parliament, the head of the state parliament, André Kuper, handed Lachet a note terminating his term as head of government of the federal state of Germany.
According to the Federal Constitution, Lachet, who will also be replaced in the Bundestag, will remain in office for several hours. But as soon as the new composition of the Bundestag in Berlin is constitutionally formed, the functions of head of the state government will one day pass to the deputy head of the state government, Joachim Stamp, a representative of the Free Democratic Party of Germany. After that, the leader of the CDU’s land branch, Hendrik Wust, is expected to be elected the new head of the land government in North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday.
Lachet can only hope to retain his position as a member of the state parliament for a short time, as required by the German constitution, in order to cast his vote in a vote for fellow party member Hendrik Wust. A sad finale to the political ambitions of a representative of the ruling coalition and a former candidate for the post of Federal Chancellor of Germany.