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Головна - Світ про Україну - Russia denies reports of an invasion of Ukraine. This is an unjustified increase in tension, the Kremlin says

This “unjustified escalation of tension… Russia does not threaten anyone,” – so the Kremlin spokesman described the warning of the United States of its European allies about Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, the US authorities have warned the European Union about Russia, which, according to them, is planning to invade Ukraine. ”
According to CNN, US Secretary of State E. Blinken said: “We are afraid that Russia may make a serious mistake and try to repeat 2014, when it gathered forces at the borders, entered the sovereign Ukrainian territory and falsely claimed that this was preceded by provocations.”
The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine D. Kuleba praised the escalation of diplomatic efforts of Western countries, which are trying to convey to Russia the consequences of another Russian aggression against Ukraine.
Tensions have recently erupted between Moscow and 27 countries over the migration crisis on the Belarusian-EU border and energy supplies. Twice in the last two days, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Merkel talked about the border crisis, as well as discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine. According to Reuters, Putin complained to Merkel about the “provocative” actions of the United States and NATO in the Black Sea region. He also accused Kyiv of increasingly intense behavior, including the use of drones in the east of the country, where clashes between Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian separatists continue.