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Головна - Світ про Україну - Kyiv is conducting military exercises on the border with Belarus

As a response to the crisis, using migrants on the Belarusian-Polish border and responding to provocations about a possible Russian offensive into Ukraine, official Kyiv sent about 8,500 troops to the region to take part in “special events.”
Given growing tensions with Russia, Ukraine is demonstrating its own military presence on the border with Belarus. The Border Guard Service of Ukraine announced the holding of “special events” in the region. The forces of the National Guard, police and the Armed Forces of Ukraine take part in them. There was also talk of military exercises in anti-tank defense and air surveillance with the help of aircraft and drones, according to the Austrian newspaper.
Recently, Ukraine sent 8.5 thousand additional fighters to the border with Belarus to ensure border protection. On the one hand, Ukraine risks being embroiled in a migrant dispute between neighboring Belarus and the EU. On the other hand, the government in Kyiv accuses Russia of concentrating a large number of troops on the border with Ukraine. As a result, Russia could also use the Belarusian border to attack. U.S. government officials have also expressed concern that Russia could attack Ukraine. The leadership in Moscow rejects this and says that, on the contrary, NATO is strengthening its activities in the region. Ukraine seeks to join the Western military alliance.

Russian maneuvers in the Black Sea

Meanwhile, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency, Russian military exercises have taken place in the Black Sea. About ten planes and several ships are involved, the news agency reports with reference to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The fleet has a base on the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed to Ukraine in 2014.