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Головна - Держави сусіди - The Czech Republic is ready to accept refugees from Ukraine.

The pro-Kremlin disinformation scene has recently intensified its efforts to escalate Russia’s situation on the border with Ukraine, Interior Minister Vit Rakushan (STAN) told Denik N. He said the Czech Republic was ready to accept thousands of refugees from Ukraine in the event of a conflict. What are the questions raised in the interview: “What will happen to people who have a residence permit or work visa in the Czech Republic? What stories will the pro-Russian disinformation structure start spreading if Russia does not attack Ukraine? How can a potential conflict affect our security? Can you even imagine that one European country is openly attacking another? ”
“We haven’t been able to imagine that for a long time,” he said, answering questions from journalist Lukasz Prhal. – Unfortunately, it turns out that the world has changed and this possibility is not ruled out. But I still hope that there will be no war. I always hoped that we would not witness a war in Europe, but I was probably too optimistic. What will be the consequences for the security of our country and region? Are there any scenarios for this? Geographically, this is an area that is close to us, and the impact on our region would be immediate. In case of conflict.