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Головна - Держави сусіди - The coalition promises not to run in Hungary’s elections. But some still accepted the invitation to Orban’s Congress

The current Hungarian government will maintain partnerships with its fellow Slovaks, who are members of the famous Union. This was confirmed by its leaders – Slovak citizens of Hungarian origin. Several members of its leadership accepted the invitation to the Fidesz Congress, with which Victor Orbán launched a campaign to prepare for the parliamentary elections in Hungary.
At the congress, members of the Hungarian ruling Fidesz party elected V. Orbán their chairman in the seventeenth. Last Sunday, members of the Slovak Union of Hungarians were able to watch it live. And its leader, Christian Forro, posted a joint photo on Facebook with the speaker of the Hungarian parliament, political leaders of minorities from Serbia and Romania. The vice-president of the Union Sabolch Mozhysh was also present at the congress.
The event organized by Fidesz was primarily perceived as the beginning of the campaign before the parliamentary elections to be held in Hungary in April 2022.