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Головна - Держави сусіди - Fiala: Russia wants to have a weak, divided country again. We are ready for anything

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petro Fiala spoke on television today and stated that the Czech government is ready for all development scenarios in Ukraine. He is convinced that the problems should not be solved in a military way. He also said that Russia was trying to make the Czech Republic a weak and divided country again. So the main thing that can deter Russia from aggression is unity and uncompromisingness.
According to Fiala, a possible military conflict will undoubtedly affect the Czech Republic. “I want to assure you that our government is ready for this situation, that we will cope with it. We are ready for all scenarios, whether it is a power outage or a wave of refugees, “he said.
He noted that no one wanted such a development, and therefore the authorities at the international level are trying to resolve the critical situation in Europe through diplomacy and peace.