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Головна - Держави сусіди - EU response to hijacking in Belarus

Numerous influential German media outlets have covered the case of the forced landing of a plane under false pretenses regarding the threat of an explosion in Minsk and the reaction of the international community.
It is noted that the EU accuses Belarus of hijacking a plane on an international airline in the EU.
German media report that after the forced landing of a Ryanair passenger plane in Belarus and the subsequent arrest of Belarusian government critic Roman Protasevich, several EU states took retaliatory measures. According to Charles Michel, the representative of the President of the Council of the EU, after consultations with the Heads of State and Government in Brussels on Monday evening, Belarusian airlines are no longer allowed to use EU airspace and take off and land at EU airports. According to the Belarusian authorities, the Ryanair plane deviated from its course on the way to Lithuania on Sunday due to the threat of a bomb explosion. The head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has ordered a Belarusian Air Force fighter to intercept the car and force it to land in Minsk.
Protasevich and his girlfriend were arrested at Minsk airport, according to the opposition channel Nexta. According to the channel, Protasevich reported that he was being watched before boarding a plane in Greece. According to current editor-in-chief Tadeusz Gicsan, Russian KGB agents were on board the Ryanair. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called such actions by the Belarusian authorities a kidnapping. She said up to three billion euros in planned investments in Belarus would be frozen until democratic conditions were restored. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that all of Minsk’s explanations for his behavior are untrue. Like many other EU politicians, she demanded the release of a critic of the regime and its companions. Numerous EU members, including Germany, have summoned Belarusian ambassadors to their countries for clarification. Belarusian state television has released a video of Protasevich’s alleged confession. In it, he admits that he took part in organizing banned mass protests against Lukashenko last year, so he is in custody in Minsk. In a video message, Protasevich also rejects reports of heart disease. According to the opposition, the video was made under pressure.


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