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Головна - Держави сусіди - Czechs from a pro-Russian unit accused of terrorism are at large, the investigation is coming to an end

Last week, it is known that the Czech National Center for Combating Organized Crime is completing work on a case involving fighters from the Czechoslovak Peace Reserve in eastern Ukraine. Five people are charged with terrorist acts. They were detained during a large-scale operation in April last year, and three of the accused were sent to prison. If convicted, the perpetrators face at least 20 years in prison. Each of them denies his guilt.
The paramilitary organization “Czechoslovak Soldiers in the Reserve of Peace” proclaims the slogan “We are at war! The enemies are not Russian soldiers, but our politicians. ” This has been repeatedly mentioned by the Ministry of the Interior in reports of extremism, and the Security Information Service (BIS) warns of the existence of such groups. The association strongly opposes the Czech Republic’s activities in Western structures, especially in NATO, and calls its fellow tribesmen traitors. The National Center for Combating Organized Crime (NCOZ) launched an arrest on the morning of April 21 last year, detaining, among others, the association’s chairman and former Czech serviceman Ivan Kratokhvil, former professional soldier Milos Urzecki and Orthodox priest Przemysl Hadrav. According to police, they are involved in the fight against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.