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Головна - Економіка - An alliance with Turkey as an alternative to the Washington-Berlin agreement?

Poland’s recent cooperation with Turkish military equipment manufacturers and individual statements by Polish authorities in the international arena may serve as a basis for some conclusions about the possible creation of a new security format as an alternative to the US alliance and EU partnership. Turkey could play a key role in such an organization, according to an analytical review on the Polish website https://www.defence24.pl/.
The idea of ​​building an internal Warsaw-Bucharest-Ankara security triangle within NATO on the basis of Turkey is not new, although there has been no reaction to it yet. It is difficult to agree with the possible blocking of NATO’s defense plans on the eastern flank, although this was recently discussed at the NATO summit in London in autumn 2019, says the author of the analytical review.
Today, Turkey is increasingly covered by international isolation, so it is trying to create the impression that it is a key player in the international arena. But it has failed to normalize relations with Arab states and Israel, and Turkish leader Erdogan’s aggressive statements during the Gaza conflict have only worsened the situation. The Turkish military industry has come under US sanctions in connection with Turkey’s acquisition of the Russian S-400 system. But it does not stop cooperating with Russia in the field of armaments, which makes the concept of building the aforementioned alliance with Turkey against Russia even more specific.
In general, Turkish-Russian relations resemble a sine wave of competition and cooperation.
At the same time, such a sine wave demonstrates the desire to get out of the influence of competitors, including the United States and European countries, as well as to extend such a system of rivalry and cooperation to other areas. And there is much to suggest that this is how Turkey positions its role in Eastern Europe. But she is unlikely to be able to do so, because even in Syria, which is much more important to her, she did not dare to oppose Russia. Turkey will not dare to do that, in a situation related to the events in Ukraine. Its activities are aimed at defending its positions on such key regions as North Africa or the Middle East. The presentation by some Polish experts in the political arena of the anti-Turkish vision of Turkey as the main force opposing Russian expansion is not only utterly absurd, but also, in the context of recent decisions, a serious danger to Poland itself.
The Turkish economy is on the verge of collapse, unemployment is rising in the country, the Turkish lira is rapidly losing its value, and residents are increasingly complaining about the lack of food, that is, starving. So if Poland, the analyst states, in such a situation accepts the idea of ​​an alliance with Turkey, or even more – the formation of a quadrangle Poland-Turkey-Ukraine-Azerbaijan, as opposed to the Washington-Berlin agreement, it will be a huge success for Turkey. But from our, ie from the Polish point of view, this, to put it mildly, can be called a complete misunderstanding, the author of the post is convinced.