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Головна - Держави сусіди - Advisers to the president from Poland and the United States spoke about the security of the region

Yesterday there was a telephone conversation between the chief advisers of the presidents of Poland and the United States on national security, Minister Paweł Soloch and Jake Sullivan, about the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border and the situation around Ukraine. The advisers talked about the current security situation and the strengthening of military cooperation, which should increase the level of stabilization in the region. Jake Sullivan has assured President Joe Biden of his support for Poland’s activities in connection with the border crisis, according to a BBN statement.
On September 2, due to migratory pressure in the border zone with Belarus in 183 settlements of the voivodship in Podlasie and Lublin, a state of emergency was imposed, which will last until December 2. And by the middle of next year, a steel fence is to be erected on the border with Belarus – a 180 km long and 5.5 m high dam will be built in Podlasie.