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Головна - Воєнна сфера - Visit of the Federal Minister of Defense of Germany Lambrecht to the Bundeswehr contingent in Iraq.

The popular German publication published on January 9 this year. announcements of the first visit of the new Federal Minister of Defense of Germany to the Bundeswehr peacekeeping contingent in Iraq.
The Bundeswehr has been involved in the 2015 operation against the Islamic State in Iraq. The issue of extending the mission will be considered soon. The Federal Minister of Defense of Germany, Christine Lambrecht (SPD), paid a visit to Iraq to communicate with German servicemen and Iraqi representatives and to get an impression of the Bundeswehr’s mission.

During discussions with the military, Lambrecht received information on current developments in Operation Inherent Resolve and NATO’s NATO Mission in Iraq. According to the German Ministry of Defense on Twitter, the Bundestag will soon consider extending its mandate for the Bundeswehr’s operations in Iraq and Jordan. The current term of the Bundeswehr expires on January 31, 2022.

Negotiations with the political leadership of Iraq

Christine Lambrecht also held talks in Baghdad with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kasimi and Iraqi Defense Minister Dschuma Inad. She discussed with two politicians the security situation in the region, German-Iraqi cooperation and the joint fight against the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia.

Yesterday in Jordan

In Jordan, the minister yesterday had the opportunity to get an idea at Al-Asrak air base about Germany’s participation in an international operation against the terrorist extremist group “Islamic State” (IS). There, she also met with German soldiers for an initial personal exchange, the German Defense Ministry said on Twitter.
According to the operational command, there are currently about 150 German troops in Jordan. The Bundeswehr supports the US-led coalition against ISIS by refueling planes involved in operations. In total, Germany currently has about 240 troops in anti-terrorist operations in Jordan, Iraq and Syria.
Lambrecht also held talks with King Abdullah II of Jordan to deepen cooperation between Germany and Jordan. The country is “an important anchor of security in the region,” said a tweet from the German Ministry of Defense.
In 2014, the Islamic State of IS seized some of Jordan’s neighbors Iraq and Syria. Following the military victory over the so-called caliphate established by the Islamic State in 2016, paramilitary jihadist groups continue to operate in Iraq and other countries.