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Головна - Воєнна сфера - Thousands of US troops will take part in planned exercises in Slovakia

Amid tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the first US troops have arrived in Slovakia for a planned large-scale NATO exercise. Stefan Zemanovic, a spokesman for the Slovak Ministry of Defense, confirmed to the German press agency dpa that the first convoy of about 200 German soldiers had crossed the Slovak border with the Czech Republic on Thursday evening.
As reported by the TA3 news channel on Wednesday, February 16, this year. in the evening, a group of protesters with Slovak flags protested near the border crossing against the arrival of American troops. The Slovak Ministry of Defense has previously assured that the arrival of US troops in the country is not related to the crisis in Ukraine.
The servicemen are to take part in the large-scale Saber Strike 2022 exercise, which they have been preparing for for almost two years. In the period from 1 to 14 March this year about 3,000 soldiers and about 1,000 units of military equipment, including various types of military equipment, will be trained in Slovakia, which borders Ukraine.
In Slovakia, opinion polls show a mostly negative attitude towards the US military presence in the country. (dpa)