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Головна - Воєнна сфера - Taiwan received upgraded F-16V fighters

Taiwan has adopted upgraded F-16V fighters. The ceremony of receiving the first squadron of American modernized F-16V fighters took place today in Taiwan. The head of the Tsai Inwen Island Administration was present at the event at the air base in Jiai County, which was accompanied by a performance by aerobatic groups. She stressed that the implementation of the fighter modernization program “will significantly increase the power of the Taiwan Air Force and show strong partnerships with the United States.” The nearly $ 4 billion program calls for the replacement of all obsolete American F-16 A / B aircraft with an F-16V (Viper) version with improved avionics, radar system and armaments. Upgraded 64 aircraft out of 141. The island has ordered another 66 F-16V fighters worth $ 8 billion from the United States. They will be delivered by 2026.
Washington’s military-technical cooperation with Taipei is of concern to Beijing, which emphasizes China’s belonging to the island and urges the White House to adhere to the “one China” policy. Taiwan has had its own administration since 1949, but according to the official position of certain countries, including Russia, it is one of the Chinese provinces.