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Головна - Воєнна сфера - Russian troops near Ukraine are moving to combat positions, analysts say

Over the weekend, the activity of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine changed. Instead of large Russian units and equipment units, small units are now arriving from outside bases and training grounds, which indicates an increase in combat readiness. This was announced last night by Maxar Technologies, which has been monitoring the Russian military from satellites for several weeks. Recently, analysts have focused mainly on the area of ​​the Russian city of Belgorod, from which, according to them, the main part of a possible attack on Ukraine is likely to emerge.
The weather was cloudy over the region for several days, so the movement of troops could not be tracked from orbit. However, it became clear on Sunday, and according to Maxar’s analysis of the snow tracks, that several smaller units had recently left the base and started deploying to the edges. “For me, it’s a sign of greater (combat) readiness,” said Maxar CEO Stephen Wood.
According to Maxar, changes have been observed near the town of Valuyki, about 15 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. The Russian army turned one of the local fields into a helipad.