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Головна - Воєнна сфера - Russian planes intercepted three US Air Force planes over the Mediterranean

According to US reports, Russian planes intercepted three US Air Force planes over the Mediterranean. In one of the maneuvers, the Russians allowed a dangerous rapprochement with US aircraft.
A Pentagon spokesman said Wednesday, Feb. 16, that three U.S. P-8A reconnaissance aircraft had been “unprofessionally” intercepted during various incidents over the weekend. US planes were “in international airspace over the Mediterranean.”
According to the US Defense Ministry on Wednesday, February 16, this past weekend, dangerous events took place over the Mediterranean. One Russian Air Force plane got too close to an American plane in the air. The US Air Force called the actions of the Russian pilot “unprofessional.”
The Wall Street Journal reported a distance of only one and a half meters. According to the report, the Russian planes were Su-35 fighters. The incident occurred amid tensions over the crisis in Ukraine.
A spokesman for the US Department of Defense said that “although no one was hurt, such interaction could lead to misjudgments and errors, which will lead to a more dangerous result.” The United States has used “diplomatic channels” to protest Russia’s actions.