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Головна - Воєнна сфера - Russia has strengthened its base in Tajikistan with thirty new tanks

New T-72B3M tanks have arrived at 201 Russian military bases in Tajikistan. The equipment will be involved in the exercises, Vzglyad.AZ reports, citing the press service of the Central Military District (CVO). During the winter training period, Russian tankers will begin retraining for new models of equipment. They also plan to take part in new tanks in at least 40 different exercises, the official statement said.
The T-72B3M Combat Machine has a new engine, a complex of passive and active protection, as well as the communication system “Aqueduct” and a multi-channel sight “Pine U” with a thermal imager. In addition, the tank’s combat unit has been modernized: a 125-mm cannon with improved ballistics and the resource of shots, a digital ballistic calculator and a panoramic sight of the commander of the combat vehicle. This allows the crew to detect and destroy targets faster.
Located in Tajikistan, the 201st Military Center is Russia’s largest military facility outside of Tajikistan. It includes motorized infantry, tank, artillery, reconnaissance units, air defense units, RHBS and communications.