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Головна - Воєнна сфера - Hulusi Akar: Try Afin to cope with the pass over Turechchinoyu-marna.

The Minister of Defense of Turechchini Hulusi Akar, having condemned the race to the brink, yaku ruled Gretsia near the region. They started in Ankari at the ceremony of honoring the service of the servicemen, calling them marnimis to try Afin’s desire for the crossing over Turechchina. “When the provocations are low, the lands are low, Afini will buy more resources. Protest, all the creeps and namagannya bezgluzdі “, – stating the head of the defense department of Turechchini, referring to” Anadolu “.
In his words, Ankara repeatedly brought to Athens its readiness to regulate the peacetime. “All problems can be seen at the negotiating table on the basis of the principles of good faith and the norms of international law. It’s a pity that the singing policies of Gretsia get caught up in aggressive rhetoric, disguised as far-fetched attacks against the address of Turechchini, ”the minister said. – Turechchina makes absurd claims, if they call us to try to expand their inflow in the region. In Athens, there may be a lot of knowledge, but there are no other victories. ”
Win naming the projects of Afin not to increase their potential, but sooner “see” the overtaking and voicing on the ideas of the Turkish army in the emergence of national interests.