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Головна - Інформаційний вплив - “Russia can set fire to a European house”

An interview with former US diplomat Michael Kimmag appeared under the headline of the Czech weekly respekt. From tells how likely the war is in Eastern Europe and what can be offered to Putin for peace
In 2014-2016, M. Kimmag headed the Russian-Ukrainian section of the analytical department of the US State Department. And he is well-versed in the current situation, in particular, when there is a threat of war in Ukraine. The first thing he advises is to analyze the course of events objectively. Although it is quite difficult, because Putin is consciously trying to avoid the truth. One moment he demonstrates readiness for dialogue, and the next he issues ultimatums and sends troops to the Ukrainian border.
-I don’t think he is just bluffing, – says M. Kimmag, – I expect certain actions on their part, .. and the range of possibilities is wide, from attempts to overthrow the Ukrainian government to direct invasion… we resort to very standard measures. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President are signaling to the Allies that they are all in this together and that it is necessary to remain united, but at the same time they are also showing readiness to negotiate with Russia, which I believe is right. And then some countermeasures should be prepared if Russia escalates tensions. Biden’s cabinet suggests that these will be mainly economic measures, sanctions, etc., that they will be implemented jointly with Germany and the EU.