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Головна - Інформаційний вплив - “Ridiculously. As a parody. Putin has humiliated the head of intelligence, the video is actively distributed online

Russian President Vladimir Putin humiliated Sergei Naryshkin, the head of SVR intelligence, during a meeting of the Security Council on Monday. He simply stuttered at Putin’s harsh remarks and could not connect the words in a sentence. The post was spread on social networks, where it provoked discussion. Users describe the situation as “funny”.
At a meeting on the recognition of self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine, Putin did not allow the intelligence chief to speak. “Speak directly. Tell us what’s going on, “the Russian president said. Naryshkin first said in a trembling voice that he supported the proposal to integrate the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics into the Russian Federation. But Putin warned that he was in favor of “recognizing their independence.” Twitter users called the discussion “shameful.” “It’s like a dictator with Sasha Baron Cohen,” commented Hristo Grozev, a Bulgarian investigative journalist. Some users also noted that Naryshkin’s behavior showed that he was afraid of Putin and disagreed with his actions.