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Головна - Аналітика - Alliance of Democracies Foundation: Democracy Perception Index 2020


The Democracy Perceptions Index (DPI) is the world’s largest democracy survey conducted by Latana, a polling company, in conjunction with the Alliance of Democracies Foundation to track attitudes toward democracy worldwide. The 2020 edition offers a unique comparison of world public opinion during the COVID-19 crisis. The survey was conducted among 124 thousand respondents from 53 countries in the period from April 20 to June 3, 2020.
Key findings:
78% of people around the world believe that it is important for their country to have democracy.
40% of all people living in democracies believe that their country is not really democratic.
43% of the world’s population says their government serves only a small group of people in their country. This figure is just as high in both democracies and non-democracies.
The study showed that no government meets the democratic expectations of its citizens.
Nigeria, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Venezuela are among the countries whose governments least meet the democratic expectations of their citizens.
European countries continue to strongly criticize US global influence, especially in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, and now in China, where public opinion is highly negative.
The majority of people in the world (55%) believe that it is “very likely” or “to some extent likely” that a foreign state will influence the outcome of their next election. This fear is highest among the densely populated Asian countries: Indonesia, Pakistan, India and the Philippines. At the same time, China and Russia are least concerned about this.
The vast majority of people around the world (70%) are generally satisfied with their government’s response to the COVID-19 virus, saying that their government is coping well with the crisis. Brazil and Chile are the most critical of government response, with only 34% and 39%, respectively, believing that their governments are responding well.
In 53 countries, about half of the population surveyed agree that in responding to COVID-19, their government has gone too far in restricting the fundamental freedoms of citizens. Only 33% of respondents disagreed.
The Alliance of Democracies is chaired by Anders von Rasmussen, former NATO Secretary General and Prime Minister of Denmark.