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Головна - Економіка - Regarding changes in the Senate’s allocation of additional funds for the army

In a vote late last week, the Polish Senate approved an amendment to the 2021 budget law, clarifying that an additional PLN 6.3 billion is not spent on national defense but on health care.
The decision to amend the budget law was made due to the better-than-expected economic situation. As Senator Kazimierz Klein, chairman of the Committee on Budget and Public Finance, said earlier, it is about funds for the purchase of Abrams tanks.
The amendment to the law on the budget for 2021 assumed that inflation will be 4.3% and GDP will grow by 4.9%. This year’s budget expenditures will amount to PLN 523.37 billion (initially PLN 486.78 billion) and revenues to PLN 482.98 billion (PLN 404.48 billion initially). The budget deficit in 2021 will be 40.38 billion zlotys (initially it was supposed to be 82.3 billion).
The final decision on the form of the amendment to the budget remains with the Seimas. The latter will be able to reject the changes proposed by the Senate by an absolute majority of votes.
If you save additional funds for defense, the share of defense spending in this year’s GDP may even be about 2.4% (or slightly more). It was initially estimated that PLN 51.8 billion, or 2.2 percent, would be spent on defense in 2021.