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Головна - Економіка - Putin’s games, German politics and green resources

What causes sharp fluctuations in prices for natural gas and, consequently, for electricity on world markets, which will affect the wallet of each of us? – the Slovak analyst is interested in the material posted on the site focus.hnonline.sk/. And cites a number of facts that cause such events, in particular: fierce disputes with Putin’s Russia, which uses natural gas supplies to Europe as a proven lever in its geopolitical struggle with the West; problems with the long-awaited Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, which is unlikely to be commissioned this year; the growing willingness of world powers to move from cheaper fossil fuels to more expensive renewable sources; the huge demand for energy associated with economic recovery after the expected end of the coronavirus pandemic.
He says that if the neighboring Czech Republic promises to raise the price of electricity from the new year by about a third, in Slovakia such a rise in prices will be more modest. However, many households and companies pay tens to hundreds of euros more per year for energy. In general, the material states that the rise in energy prices is mostly affected by the tension in political relations between Russia and the West, and there is no other way out than to switch to the use of energy from renewable sources.