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Головна - Економіка - Poland demands stop of Nord Stream-2 project

Neighboring Poland has traditionally been an important ally of Ukraine in the struggle for energy security and territorial integrity of its borders.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is putting pressure on Germany to cut off direct supplies of natural gas through Russia’s pipeline. According to him, in this case we are talking, among other things, about the protection of the EU’s external borders.
In his address to the future German Federal Government, which has not yet been formed after the parliamentary elections, Morawiecki demands the immediate shutdown of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, which runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. In an interview with Bild, the Prime Minister of Poland stated that he would speak in person with the most likely next Federal Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz (SPD), and inform him: “We are defending the borders here in Poland. EU. So let us act together in the interests of peace and not provide Vladimir Putin with additional funds for energy supplies so that he can continue to arm himself. ” This position of Poland means an unconditional shutdown of the new gas pipeline.
Poland has long opposed the almost completed Russian-German Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Concerns in Warsaw are Russia’s ability to use the pipeline to increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas supplies and to put pressure on gas transit countries that have previously participated in Europe’s gas supplies. Morawiecki has previously said that Poland is working to convince other countries that Russia’s project is helping Russia arm it.
The pipeline operators still have to wait for approval from Germany to start the pipeline. The Federal Network Agency of Germany has temporarily suspended the certification process for Nord Stream 2 AG as an independent operator and thus does not grant permission to transport gas via the Baltic Sea pipeline from Russia to Germany. The German authorities said that the operating company must first be organized in accordance with German law. Without certification, the transportation of Russian gas through the already completed gas pipeline to the German domestic market is not allowed.