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Головна - Економіка - More than 1,400 companies closed in the Czech Republic in January, the most recently

During the previous month, 1,454 companies stopped working in the Czech Republic, which is 34 more than in the previous month, and at the same time the most since December 2020. On the contrary, 2,370 companies were founded, which is 314 less than in December. Thus, a total of 916 companies appeared in the Czech Republic, which is 348 less than in the last month of 2021. This follows from an analysis conducted by CRIF based on data from the portal Informofirmách.cz.
“The number of non-existent companies has become the fifth largest since the founding of the Czech Republic in January. However, this is a natural phenomenon. As the number of companies in the country grows, “said CRIF analyst Vira Kamenichkova. According to her, half of the liquidated companies have been working in the market for 16 years or more.
Source: CTK