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Головна - Економіка - Minister Lipavsky applied for money for the next party of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. But some ministers did not support it

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Czech Republic) proposes to continue providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, where there is still a threat of Russian attack. Therefore, last week the representatives of the mentioned ministry made a proposal to allocate tens of millions of kroons for this purpose. However, some ministers did not support the proposal. During his visit to Ukraine, Foreign Minister Jan Lipawski has already handed over the first part of the first-aid kits – Czech diplomacy together with the Czech Red Cross has prepared more than 3.5 thousand. However, at the end of last week, the security crisis around Ukraine escalated and the risk of a Russian attack increased. That is why there is a plan to increase humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Deputy Minister Martin Dvorak said in a daily interview with Denik N. “As for humanitarian aid, we want to ask the government to increase resources,” the official said.
Daily N from several government sources found out that this request was made by representatives of the State Department