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The world about Ukraine news

Kyiv is conducting military exercises on the border with Belarus

As a response to the crisis, using migrants on the Belarusian-Polish border and responding to provocations about a possible Russian offensive into Ukraine, official Kyiv sent about 8,500 troops to the region to take part in "special events." Given growing tensions...

World geopolitics – news

Armenia asks Russia to help establish relations with Turkey

Yerevan appealed to Moscow to mediate in the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations. Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesman Vahan Unanyan told Radio Svoboda about this. "A number of international partners, including Russia, have stated that they...

News from neighboring countries
Economic news

Putin’s games, German politics and green resources

What causes sharp fluctuations in prices for natural gas and, consequently, for electricity on world markets, which will affect the wallet of each of us? - the Slovak analyst is interested in the material posted on the site focus.hnonline.sk/. And cites a number of...

Erdogan: Economic pressure on Turkey is doomed to failure

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the economic pressure on his country hopeless, including a way to destabilize its financial system. "We see a game played by those who want to derail our country through exchange rates, interest rates and rising prices. We...

Poland demands stop of Nord Stream-2 project

Neighboring Poland has traditionally been an important ally of Ukraine in the struggle for energy security and territorial integrity of its borders. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is putting pressure on Germany to cut off direct supplies of natural gas...

Military news

Taiwan received upgraded F-16V fighters

Taiwan has adopted upgraded F-16V fighters. The ceremony of receiving the first squadron of American modernized F-16V fighters took place today in Taiwan. The head of the Tsai Inwen Island Administration was present at the event at the air base in Jiai County, which...

Sputnik shock version 2.0?

China is challenging the United States at sea and in space, developing new weapons systems not so much in response to American capabilities as in imposing new areas of competition. An example of such an action is the development of hypersonic systems. If you combine...

Information impact – news

Email scandal. The experts’ report points to ties with Belarus

UNC1151, carried out by a group most likely linked to the Belarusian government and, according to many accounts, to the Belarusian military, is the second information operation against the countries bordering Belarus, along with the Ghostwriter campaign. Leaks from...

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